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Week 3 EGI: White Sox, A’s Extra Inning Thriller

The White Sox and A’s played what may very well be the most exciting game of the year. Here’s the top 10 for the week.

Teams Date EGI
White Sox Athletics 25-Apr 62.00*
Mets Giants 20-Apr 61.16*
Red Sox Twins 23-Apr 57.14
Pirates Rockies 24-Apr 55.63
Orioles Angels 22-Apr 54.67*
Reds Giants 26-Apr 49.62
Cardinals Cubs 24-Apr 49.61*
Braves Dodgers 24-Apr 48.47
Rays Twins 20-Apr 47.69
Mets Marlins 26-Apr 47.68

* denotes extra innings

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