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Week 3 EGI: White Sox, A’s Extra Inning Thriller

The White Sox and A’s played what may very well be the most exciting game of the year. Here’s the top 10 for the week.

Teams Date EGI
White Sox Athletics 25-Apr 62.00*
Mets Giants 20-Apr 61.16*
Red Sox Twins 23-Apr 57.14
Pirates Rockies 24-Apr 55.63
Orioles Angels 22-Apr 54.67*
Reds Giants 26-Apr 49.62
Cardinals Cubs 24-Apr 49.61*
Braves Dodgers 24-Apr 48.47
Rays Twins 20-Apr 47.69
Mets Marlins 26-Apr 47.68

* denotes extra innings

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Least Exciting Teams

A quick update on the least exciting teams.

Team Average EGI
Cardinals 28.03
Angels 28.11
Cubs 29.03

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Week 2 EGI

Here we go into Week 2 and the top 10 games.

Teams Date EGI
Diamondbacks Rockies 14-Apr 57.91
Brewers Dodgers 17-Apr 56.47
Blue Jays Orioles 13-Apr 54.95
Marlins Astros 15-Apr 53.59
Tigers Royals 18-Apr 53.53
Cardinals Reds 17-Apr 52.10
Nationals Astros 18-Apr 51.77
Padres Dodgers 15-Apr 50.76
Diamondbacks Rockies 13-Apr 49.91
Pirates Diamondbacks 18-Apr 49.66

An interesting twist this week as three different 9-inning games beat out the best extra inning game (Marlins-Astros on 15-Apr). The first two games were both bottom of the 9th walk off victories, but the Orioles at Blue Jays on 13-Apr was actually saw it’s last lead change in the 8th inning.

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Week 1 EGI

One week down, and here are the most exciting games so far. I rolled the first few games into this one for a complete look at the season so far. In the future, I’ll provide a breakdown of both the top 10 games of the week, and a running total for the season.

Teams Date EGI
Yankees Rays 6-Apr 60.89
Red Sox Tigers 8-Apr 59.81
Royals Athletics 11-Apr 57.76
Twins Angels 11-Apr 54.00
Phillies Pirates 8-Apr 53.97
Yankees Orioles 11-Apr 53.85
Red Sox Tigers 5-Apr 52.00
Blue Jays Indians 5-Apr 51.97
Nationals Cubs 5-Apr 51.49
Rangers Mariners 11-Apr 50.85

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Opening Day


Opening Day should be a national holiday. Let’s jump right into it.

There have been 10 games so far this year, two in Japan, one in Miami, and the rest last night. We’ve already seen two extra inning games, one game won in the bottom of the 9th, and another lead change in the top of the 9th. Exciting baseball indeed.

Ranking the games by EGI, here are the results:

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This Might Get Messy

Welcome to my little corner of the baseball world. This year, I’m going to attempt to publish my thoughts on a semi-weekly basis of a few different baseball metrics. These are not your normal baseball metrics. They’re purely out of my head, and as far as I can tell, they’ve never been measured before. I won’t jump into the formulas for each here, and instead will try to provide a bit of narrative around each so that you know what you’re looking at.

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