Week 2 EGI

Here we go into Week 2 and the top 10 games.

Teams Date EGI
Diamondbacks Rockies 14-Apr 57.91
Brewers Dodgers 17-Apr 56.47
Blue Jays Orioles 13-Apr 54.95
Marlins Astros 15-Apr 53.59
Tigers Royals 18-Apr 53.53
Cardinals Reds 17-Apr 52.10
Nationals Astros 18-Apr 51.77
Padres Dodgers 15-Apr 50.76
Diamondbacks Rockies 13-Apr 49.91
Pirates Diamondbacks 18-Apr 49.66

An interesting twist this week as three different 9-inning games beat out the best extra inning game (Marlins-Astros on 15-Apr). The first two games were both bottom of the 9th walk off victories, but the Orioles at Blue Jays on 13-Apr was actually saw it’s last lead change in the 8th inning.

Digging into the Rockies win against the Diamondbacks at Coors on the 14th, we see a few classic moments that are bound to make any game exciting:

  1. A walk off homerun in the bottom of the 9th by Todd Helton, taking a team from losing (6-7) to winning (8-7).
  2. An early lead (5-1 in the 4th) blown by the 6th.
  3. A tie game in the mid-late innings (6th and 7th).

The walk off homerun is easily the thing that pushes this game over the top.

The Diamondbacks also notably make the list three times, with two of their games against the Rockies on the list. The night before Helton won with a walk off, he broke a 6-6 tie with a double off of Diamondback Bryan Shaw in the 8th. A few days later, the Diamondbacks battled the Pirates to a 1-1 tie until Neil Walker singled off of David Hernandez to drive in Clint Barmes, giving the Pirates a 2-1 lead in the 8th and eventually the win. Who said losing couldn’t be fun? The Diamondbacks have treated their fans to three great games, but unfortunately have been on the wrong side of all of them.

Cumulatively, the Yankees and the Rays battle on 6-Apr is still the most exciting. This was opening day for the Rays and they celebrated by forcing a blown save by Mariano Rivera.

Teams Date EGI
Yankees Rays 6-Apr 60.89
Red Sox Tigers 8-Apr 59.81
Diamondbacks Rockies 14-Apr 57.91
Royals Athletics 11-Apr 57.76
Brewers Dodgers 17-Apr 56.47

Through week 2, the Blue Jays have moved up to the top spot for most exciting teams.

Team Average of EGI
Blue Jays 39.84
Nationals 39.35
Astros 38.05

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