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Week 2 EGI

Here we go into Week 2 and the top 10 games.

Teams Date EGI
Diamondbacks Rockies 14-Apr 57.91
Brewers Dodgers 17-Apr 56.47
Blue Jays Orioles 13-Apr 54.95
Marlins Astros 15-Apr 53.59
Tigers Royals 18-Apr 53.53
Cardinals Reds 17-Apr 52.10
Nationals Astros 18-Apr 51.77
Padres Dodgers 15-Apr 50.76
Diamondbacks Rockies 13-Apr 49.91
Pirates Diamondbacks 18-Apr 49.66

An interesting twist this week as three different 9-inning games beat out the best extra inning game (Marlins-Astros on 15-Apr). The first two games were both bottom of the 9th walk off victories, but the Orioles at Blue Jays on 13-Apr was actually saw it’s last lead change in the 8th inning.

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