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Strength of Schedule and the Dodgers

The Dodgers have been impressive, since June 22 only losing 12 games, winning 46, good enough for a .793 winning percentage over 2 full months of baseball. They’ve only lost back to back games twice during this run. It got me thinking about their strength of schedule.

According to the expected win percentages of the teams they’ve played all season, they’ve had a weak schedule – with their opponents averaging an expected .494 winning percentage. Since June 22nd, it’s been slightly easier, at .492.

However, their schedule does get easier, as their opponents for the rest of the season have an expected win percentage of .489.

Like most teams, they do better against bad teams than good teams: their wins average out to opponents win percentage of .492, and their losses against .497 teams. They are 23-16 against expected .500+ teams. 53-38 against sub .500 teams, which are roughly the same.

In short, the Dodgers aren’t taking advantage of an easy schedule, they’re just taking advantage of every one.

Week 4 EGI: Harper’s Debut Dazzles

Bryce Harper has landed in the big leagues in a very big way. In his first big league game, the Nationals and Dodgers played a 10 inning game that tops the leaderboard.

Teams Date EGI
Nationals Dodgers 28-Apr 64.40*
Nationals Diamondbacks 2-May 63.38
Phillies Braves 2-May 58.95*
Rays Mariners 30-Apr 56.51*
Cardinals Brewers 29-Apr 55.36
Royals Twins 27-Apr 55.08
Rockies Dodgers 2-May 51.95
Mets Rockies 29-Apr 51.87*
Blue Jays Rangers 1-May 51.19
Yankees Tigers 27-Apr 49.86

* denotes extra innings

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